Final products- Chase and Status

Jack Congdon

Ancillary tasks year 13

Candidate Number- 3350

Final Video



Evaluation 3

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As you can see these are some of the stats about our video, by looking at these can find out many things. some of these are helpful to look at, for example our averege time for our audiance viewing the video was only 1:57 minutes, this is not very good at all… if i was to redo the video i think i would make it more eye catching by adding more special effects to grab the audiences attention.

Audiance feedback screen dump

if you click on the link it will show you the comments and amount of views that we got. as you can see it wasnt much of a blast to the YouTube world. I believe if our video had been more appealing, we could’ve had a lot more views. This would be due to friends sharing the video or sending the link to other parties.